Alta Switch Feedback Topic

Hereby a general Improvement / Feature Request topic. Yes can create them all separate but lets make a list with small or big features and then make Feature Requests if needed.

I’ll kickoff and add more when we come cross

  • Mass Change “Native” / “Tagged” VLAN etc.
    • When we now click on Legend and select the ports we cannot mass change the VLAN
    • Select / Deselect all button would be nice
  • Mass Change PoE Option
  • Generally better layout / bigger pop-out for management of the switch
    • Difficult to see the many ports of a 24Port imagine a 48 Port Switch


  • Traffic insights per port like the Ubiquiti Edgeswitches have — Almost a must have for troubleshooting

  • Show PoE Watt (Power Usage)
  • Hardware Related Console Port is really something that should be there always! In the Pro / Enterprise Space this is essential.
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Hello everyone,

I’d like to contribute to this discussion by addressing a significant concern. There are notable issues with Power over Ethernet (PoE) on our switches, specifically when you try to connect more than 3 or 4 devices via PoE. Additionally, at times, plugging in new devices causes PoE to drop existing connections. While this feature used to function seamlessly, it appears that the most recent firmware update has affected our switches.

I’ve also captured a video illustrating the issue, and I’m willing to share it with you if it would be helpful.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to view the video privately. Thank you in advance!

King regards,
Justin Meesters



Yep, same issue. Working with Alta and Justin to get this issue resolved.

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Is this POE plugin outage still an issue?

I have a couple of locations that need 6 APs, and it doesn’t look like the 16 port POE switch does not have enough POE Power Budget to handle 6 AP Pros, Just barley enough to handle the 6 APs. Didn’t they know the power requirment for the Altra APs when designing these switches?

@GITP-Techs Fully-loaded AP6-Pro power consumption at room temperature is around 12-13W, while idle consumption is around 7W. Of course, your situation will be unique, but under typical circumstances, you should be able to easily run 10-12 APs from one S16.

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Yes, I would like to be able to power 10-12 AP6s from one S16-POE Swithch. Please elaborate on how that would work.

Marketing Specifications show the S16-POE to have a budget of 120W. Fully loaded - lets say 15W for some headroom and manufacturing variance - that yields 8 APs max. But that’s max use. that’s rather unlikely they are sitting at that usage for long. so if you have a minimum of 7 watts and a max of 15 watts and you are after a maximum of APs, then you could presume an average usage of 11 watts per AP and get to your 11 APs at a budget of 121 watts.

Now… the next logical step people take is to talk about power loss over the small network cables. I’d invite you to read A study of powerloss on POE which ends with this quote

The maximum loss numbers allowed by the IEEE Std 802.3-2015 standard do not reflect the actual system performance.

This paper was written at a time when they used only two conductors for PoE which yielded a max of 24W of transmissible power. Today’s PoE is capable of 90W at the Send side and 71.3W at the consume side.

So this brings up a question: What is Alta’s max sustained power consumption per port? The documentation found at Alta’s switch page shows a consistent and healthy 30W per port with a combined max budget for each of the S8, S16, and S24.

30W per port is quite a bit really. nice job! the overhead is nice.

sorry about the long rambling message, not sure if this is an answer or a question or … just a ramble. probably the last. have a good night, I’m tired, going to sleep!

you’ll max out at 8 APs. From the documentation:

Ports 1-8 support 802.3at PoE+ with up to 30W per port and a PoE budget of 120 Watts. These ports are standard Gigabit Ethernet ports that support 10/100/1000 bps connections