Alta Switch Competition Prize and Starter Pack

I have received my competition prize from @insidewire @altaLabs @LiniTX for 24 Port POE switch! I still cant believe i won it!

As a added bonus to complete my full alta lab set up, i managed to grab a starter pack from @LiniTX.

Head over to LiniTX to order: [Starter Pack] - Promotional Starter Pack

Just need to set it all up!

Ill reply back with my set up and how they perform.

Thank you once again Alta Labs, Insidewire & LiniTX (@Frazer_Last @NickShore)


Glad to see that you have now received all of your items. Look forward to hearing your feedback on this once you have had the chance to get everything set up.

For those interested in picking up the starter kit of 2 x AP6-PRO access points and 1 x S8-POE Switch… There is a special promotion running on these until the end of the year which will heavily discount your first kit purchased from us.

Make sure you go to the Promotional Price Listing to benefit from this while it is on offer :+1: