Alta Switch 8 firmware 1.2d Bug

Just got my 8 port switch deployed (love the orange LED for the logo by the way!).

One issue I am running in to, is that on firmware 1.2d it does not appear to be properly powering the port up (no indication of power to the port).

Additionally it doesn’t indicate if the Power being provided is 24v, or an 802.3 variant (would be nice as a quick reference to see this in the UI)

To follow up on this,

Partially this is my fault (not paying attention to ports 1-4 only being the PoE capable ports on the switch).

However with that being said, ports 5-8 should not indicate a PoE capability within their port settings in the webUI for the 8 port switch.

Good catch, Mac! We’ll get it addressed.

The switch is 802.3at (backwards compatible with 802.3af, of course), so no 24V passive capabilities.


Might I suggest that in the UI it states PoE options as follows for clarity:

  1. Off
  2. 802.3at

Also what was the consideration to have 802.3 administratively disabled by default? From a UX side of things I would think you would want it on by default, especially with more and more home users making exclusive use of WiFi connected devices (laptops/phones).

Thankfully I have a desktop at home, but it would have been more convenient to have the WAP power on without having to make any changes on the switch initially.

Interesting. Are they set to “Default” or “Off” in your web UI?

I just checked and, without making any modifications, I was able to get PoE out of the switch. It very well could’ve been an initial firmware thing. When I plugged mine in, I did the firmware upgrade straight away.

I believe they were set to default out of the box. I can perform some further testing this weekend with resetting the switch to factory and seeing how it performs after startup.

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