Alta Labs Youtube Channel - Now Live!

Great news! Our Alta Labs Youtube channel is now live and has already been populated with a number of videos!


  • Introduction to Alta Labs
  • Overview of our Cloud based management platform
  • How to on our Multi-password authentication feature
  • How to on AP install
  • How to on our patented wireless network color coding (grouping) feature
  • How to on our patented WiFi scheduling feature
  • Quick highlight video of a recent case study we completed.

Best part, we are just getting started! If there are specific videos you would like to see us produce, whether its a how-to video on a feature or install, a best practice video, team member spotlight, etc. please let us know here! We would love to hear your ideas.


A video on your filter feature would be cool.

Particularly if you update it so you can apply it to select users/SSIDs/multi-passwords :wink:


@SimonNZ91 Sounds great!

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