Alta Labs On Prem Controller Testers Wanted

Hey, Alta Labs fans! I may have a handful of Alta Labs Control devices available for those that would be interested in in truly testing one out. For those that are new to the community, this would be the hardware version of our on premises controller.

In order to be considered, I want to make sure you have time to actually test the appliance as soon as you receive it. Bonus points for also putting it into a project. We would also want as much feedback you can generate from working with the appliance, in conjunction with any of our APs and/or switches.

Please send me a direct message if you are interested, and we can take things from there.

Thank you!


DM sent on here and discord.

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Happy to give it a test, I cant message you direct though

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Interested but in Australia, I assume this makes it not possible.
If i can help then I have an AP and a Switch to test with.

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I just sent you a dm! :slight_smile:

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DM sent - would love to help.

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I DM you :slight_smile: I would happily test to improve the Alta Labs experience.

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Thanks for the overwhelming responses and interest in testing out Control, all! I am going to close this offer for now, and work with those that have sent me a DM.

As always, thank you for your continued support of our products and brand!