ALTA Labs' New WiFi Access Point Test Results

In the saturated market of WiFi access points, it is a breath of fresh air to come across a product that not only promises exceptional performance but delivers on it. ALTA Labs’ new AP6-Pro is a prime example of such a product. Having been privy to a hands-on test of this device, replacing a few Araknis WiFi access points in our 2500 sq ft showroom, we’ve seen the AP6-Pro exceed our expectations.

The AP6-Pro delivered extensive coverage throughout our showroom with impressive consistency. Regardless of where we stationed ourselves within the space, we were greeted with a robust and reliable connection. Moreover, the speed and performance were top-tier, enabling smooth and efficient connectivity. For context, we had approximately 30-50 devices connected simultaneously, and the AP6-Pro handled this load without any issues.

One of the strongest points of the AP6-Pro lies in its ease of use and setup. The intuitive interface is a testament to ALTA Labs’ commitment to user-centered design. The ability to monitor connected devices and track upload and download traffic further enhances the user experience, providing valuable insights into network utilization.

At present, we’ve only tested the AP6-Pro as a standalone access point. We look forward to the opportunity to test a multi-WAP setup, which we believe will further demonstrate the product’s scalability and versatility.

In summary, the AP6-Pro is an impressive contender in the WiFi access point market. ALTA Labs has done commendable work in crafting a product that blends ease of use, robust performance, and extensive coverage. We’re eager to see what new products and features they will introduce moving forward. The AP6-Pro has set a high benchmark, and we anticipate that ALTA Labs will continue to strive for innovation and excellence in their future offerings.


Thanks, Viktor! We’re happy to see that you’ve had a great experience so far. Thank you for your feedback!


@Viktor_MW that setup looks amazing!


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