Alta Labs Launch Pack

The Alta Adventure begins when I get back from WISPAPalooza.

ISPSupplies’ booth is next to Alta’s booth at Palooza, so I ordered from them at the show:

UPS tracking says it gets to me in Ohio the same day I get back. For $299, it seems like a great deal.

I’ll probably edit this post with my initial impressions this weekend. I did get to handle the AP6 Pro and the 8 port switch at the show, and the hardware seems solid.

Edit: Tuesday Oct. 17th. UPS took their sweet time driving the Launch Pack to Ohio. ISP Supplies packed and shipped fast, but the truck between Houston and Columbus OH took 4 days.

Anyway, the switch and two AP6-Pros just arrived.

Hooked it all up. Making full use of basement floor space for the initial bring-up/test.

Logged into and was able to find the 3 devices. They all needed updating, which was a little clunky - it seemed to hang at 100% CPU for a while, but it did finish successfully.

Set up a little wifi network, and associated my Echo Show 15 to the SSID. I’m listening to Garth Brooks on the Echo. Wifi: Working.


Fantastic offer! would be great if we had a similar type of launch pack in the UK. :vulcan_salute:t4: @NickShore

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Watch this space :eyes:

LinITX should be announcing this any day. Feel free to reach out to them with any questions!

I just spent £176 a few days ago on an AP6PRO and another £136 (£312) on an AP6 which I received today.

Now I’m regretting being an early adopter if there is a special offer on its way which includes a switch :frowning:

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I’m in exactly the same position having recently purchased an AP6PRO myself from LinITX

Me, too 2 x AP6 and a Switch :frowning:

Purchase the launch pack(everyone qualifies/one per company) and use it for future installs :slight_smile: Excited for our early adopters to get more access points in their hands and into more projects. Don’t forget to post your stories, we love to see them and am so grateful for you guys!

It was good seeing you at Wispapalooza @Todd_Vasko !

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Next Morning Thoughts.

My little Alta Network has been running overnight without issue. Watching it a bit this early morning, I have a few thoughts to share.

  1. Love the Network Live view. This is better than what Ubiquiti provides. I told Alexa to start playing some music, and I can see the live data flow through the switch and the connected AP6-Pro. Exactly the kind of thing I expect from a Software Defined Network.

I’ve marked up the display with a suggestion.


  1. Also, the ability to show a longer timeline would be nice, for those with wide screen monitors. See that white space? Use it.

  2. Not sure I need the trash can so easily available on this screen. Maybe in a right mouse click context menu?

  3. The Status seems to be stuck at 0 b/s in the Live view. Maybe it should show the average data rate over the time period being displayed (in this case, 60 seconds).

OK, seems to be a bug. Just looked at the Live network again, and I’m getting some Status b/s.


But, only on the AP, not on the switch.

A toggle to show Instantaneous throughput or Average over the displayed time period might be nice.

Idle thought as the coffee kicks in… You know the flattened bug icon, that seems to be color coded for System Load?


What if you could tie that to the Alta logo LED color on the device? In a glance, I could get a view of System Load.

Edit: Now I’m getting Status bps on both the AP and the Switch, as you would expect. Not sure why it was showing Zeros before.


The Alta Labs starter kits (2 x AP6-PRO’s + 1 x S8-POE) are now available for purchase on our website - Alta Labs Starter Kit 2 x AP6-PRO + 1 x S8-POE -


The Starter Kit offer has been extended until the end of January.

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