Alta Labs - IOS Issues - Iphone 12 Pro Max

Good Morning.

I recently connected a Starlink up at home and have been using a cheap mesh, but decided to put in hardwired Alta Labs AP Pros through the house.

While I can see the network and connect through the settings the phone itself is not staying connected to the network - as you can see in the image - I am on the Alta Labs Wi-Fi but not staying connected (see no wifi visual on the top right of the screen)

Both 2.4 and 5Ghz are enabled,

I have updated all AP`s to the latest firmware as well as the phone being updated.

Has anyone had anything similar

If you tap the i with the circle around it, are you getting a valid/the intended IP address, subnet, and gateway? Do you know if the Starlink modem in router mode or bridge mode?

I’ve found this too. Randomly my wife’s iPhone 12 Pro disconnects from the network when she goes upstairs and out of range of the AP she was originally connected to. She can be standing right next to the upstairs AP but it doesn’t roam and chooses to continue using 4G until you manually reconnect it to the network. Its behaves like auto join isn’t enabled on the iPhone.

I’ve got fast roaming disabled.

My iPhone 14 Pro Max doesn’t exhibit this behaviour and stays solidly connected to any AP.

I have some guidance on how to enable logging on an Apple device which I’d be happy to follow to assist troubleshooting but it’s my wife’s phone so I can’t tinker around too much with it. I’ll attempt to set up wifi logging once I’ve we’ve built up a bit more trust in the AP6’s since fw 2.0g which goes a long way to addressing a number of problems.