Alta labs for really big installations vs ruckus r750

We would like to use Alta Labs to provide WiFi for a large temporary events instead of the Ruckus R750 access points. While we don’t need the many enterprise features of Ruckus, we do require the incredible stability that Ruckus offers. We are speaking events with 50-80 ap’s with 4000 clients maximum, can you guys help me with this switch :slight_smile:

Thx in advance!

What features do you use/require on the ruckus kit?

For the controller I’m assuming you’re using a zone director? Or you using Unleashed?

As for Alta kit you will probably benefit from using a simple 1U server and set it up as a software controller for the Alta APs. As for the APs the AP6-Pro is a very good fit and I’m sure this will do exactly what you require. And even if you want to place some in less idea conditions such as outside they have just released the AP6-Pro Outdoor.


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@WhyAydan is on point as always!
Knowing what features are must-haves will help. The hardware can easily handle that client load in a 1:1 scenario (same number of Alta APs as Ruckus); depending on needed coverage, you may even be able to do less APs given the AP6-Pro’s incredible range relative the majority of alternatives on the market.