Alta Labs Deployment

I have deployed Alta Labs to a few times already and I had to go to a site I did a deployment for in December 2023 as a Battery Backup was giving issues.

This customer has 2 sites with a total of 4 APs and 1 8 Port Switch all Alta Labs.

Pictured here are 2 of the AP6 Pros of the total 4 deployed for this business. They are a solar company who easily sees 200 plus people at their new offices for training sessions.

They have not had any issues with stability and being able to cloud control them has given us the ability to make changes and tweak their needs on the fly including adding passwords to the SSIDs as needed for large events.


Thanks for sharing your deployment @Hawaha! Glad you and your customers have enjoyed the performance, stability and ability to make changes on the fly without any disruptions to the working environment.