Alta Labs and Big Party

Just wanted to share a quick success story for anyone wondering about this gear. We had a party with over 150 people, all relying on Wi-Fi since there was zero cell service both inside and out. With everyone wanting to stay connected, especially those with kids, Wi-Fi was essential.

Most guests were outside, with only the owners and some family inside at times. Outside, we had three AP 6 Pros set up (really wished we had the outdoor units for this one). It was around 85 degrees, and 2 out of the 3 units were in direct sunlight, but they performed flawlessly. I could change the Sonos and stay connected even from about 170 feet away. Naturally, I ran a speed test from that distance and got around 150 Mbps. At another spot, the waterfall area, about 65 feet from the AP, I got between 430-560 Mbps. That speaks for itself!

At one point, we had 65 devices connected to a single AP 6 Pro, and it didn’t even break a sweat.

These devices are fantastic and easy to install, though mounting them flat on brick was a bit tricky. The twist-lock mechanism ended up being more of a “slam it down and make it lock” situation. But in high-end houses, I’m not sure anything looks better than these units.



Thanks for sharing @sysman923 ! This is great!