Alta in a London flat - Bye bye Orbi and hello Alta!

I recently completed on a new flat and I thought that would be good time to get rid of all the expensive home networking solutions I’ve bought throughout the years that did not really work anyway. Temptation got the better of me, simply couldnt wait until May for my move to try out my new Alta gear. Yesterday I installed my S8-POE and my one AP6 and threw away one Orbi satellite and a cheap unmanaged switch. The Orbit router was put into AP mode and I added a GWN7003 to the setup. The shiny dashboards mesmerised me and I immedateily ordered another AP6 from Amazon and I just installed it and turned off my Orbi for good.

Love a happy ending :slight_smile:


Hey Erik,

Glad to hear you received your Amazon fulfilment ok and are happy with the products.

For anyone else looking to purchase these units, they are now available from us either directly via or, as Erik has mentioned, through the Amazon UK Store


I might have ordered a second S8-POE just now :face_with_peeking_eye:


Thanks for the review! Hope you love it…


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Hi @LinITX_Frazer

Just pondering getting a third AP to try the PRO one compared to my vanilla APs. I noticed you have listed the 2.4GHz performance for the “Data Transfer Rate”. Makes Alta looks pretty weak compared to their competitors who have listed the 5GHz rates.

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