Alta APs with Fortinet firewall and switches

I currently have one of the AP6-Pros in my condo, it is a small place, so only a single AP. It is behind a Meraki-Go firewall with a cheap TP-Link POE switch to power it. It has run great, no issues. I am considering putting them in my much larger full time home. The home is nearly 4000 sq. ft. and currently have a full kit of Fortinet gear running in it. Fortigage 100F, Fortiswitch 124F and 108E (both POE), 2 FortiAP 431F and 2 FortiAP 231F Access points.

I had a lot of challenges getting Apple Homekit running on the wireless once Thread/Matter was enabled and I picked up a few accessories running on Thread. I finally was able to figure out that the APs had an IPV6 firewall running on them separate from what the Fortigate firewall was doing from a firewall perspective. I disabled that and things have worked fairly well since with the exception of 2 HomePod Gen 2 that I use for playing audio from AppleTV as a stereo pair. For some reason the HomePods will move to a different AP from the Apple TV and then the audio stops and starts until I manage to get the on the same access point as the Apple TV. I am sick of jacking with it every morning just so I can watch TV, so though I would give the Altas a shot here. I am seeing a lot of posts in the forums about people having issues with multicast and am curious if anyone has figured out what the issue is and if there is a fix in the wings. I don’t want to move from one problem to another that I had already managed to solve on the current setup I have. In those same posts I mention above, I also see that Alta has been trying to stay on top of the problem, but haven’t seen anyone mention what the issue may be. Is there anyone who can speak to what the issue is and what is being done to rectify it?


I’m not sure if the Alta folks have gotten back to you but I will chime in to the level I think is okay. Jeff and the team are working actively on the multicasting. There are a lot of very good things going on under the hood on these APs, and it takes a bit to get it all tweaked for us. There is a feature that Jeff is testing with some of us that has helped multicast a lot, but there are edge cases that he is still working on. I don’t want to give out the command, because he asked me not to… but rest assured the team is working hard on it.

I appreciate the info. I haven’t heard from anyone from Alta. The one AP6-Pro I have in the condo is good, never had any kind of problems with it, so I am hopeful. We will see tomorrow, I ordered two of the AP6-Pros and one of the AP6. I will most likely get them setup on Sunday and will see how it goes. I have worked with every access point you can imagine, so if there is an issue I will be more than happy to experiment a bit. I have been in technology for a lot of years, so my wife is used to me breaking things at times. :slight_smile:

I got the APs installed this morning. Overall, I am happy with them. They haven’t had any problems with Apple HomeKit or any of my accessories, WiFi, Thread/Matter and Zigbee are all working just fine.

They are a bit slower than the Fortinet 431F, I generally get good gigabit speeds from the Fortinets, but the Alta AP6-Pros are only hitting around 700mpbs. This is a speedtest hosted on my own network. On an internet based speed test, things are much slower. Between 450-600 mbps with gigabit internet. I would be curious if there are any guides around setting them up to get more performance from them.


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Hi @scatterday did you happen to get it all working properly? Any updates on the speeds?

Yes, sir. I am seeing consistent speeds in the 750mbps range, so working very well.

Thank you for your help!