Alta AP Dead - No Power Draw

Hi Alta Team,

One of our APs is completely dead, no lights, no draw in power, and is showing disconnected in the Alta portal. What is the process is get this replaced asap?


Hi @dbrooks,

Did the AP ever work or did it arrive DOA? If it did work at some point, are you aware of anything that may have changed? You said “one of our APs” so is it safe to assume you have other Alta APs that are working fine? Are they plugged into the same switch and/or powered by the same device?

One quick and easy way to make sure it’s actually dead is:

  1. Remove power from the AP
  2. Hold the reset button
  3. Plug the AP back in while holding the reset button
  4. Give it about 5 seconds and release the reset button

If the AP can get power, get an IP address, and reach the internet, this process will factory default the AP, download and apply the latest firmware version, start back up and register with the cloud. If this doesn’t yield success and you’re unaware of any catalyst that may have caused the issue, then I would suggest reaching out via email at and there are a couple other things we can try. That’s where the RMA process would start either way.

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Alta AP will not power on. Unifi switch shows that the AP will not pull any power. We have switched ports and power recycled them through Unifi.

We arent positive when the AP stopped working as we didnt have alerts set up but its showing 1.1i firmware on the dashboard. We have one other AP in this office that is on 1.1o with no issues.