Alta AP -- 'auto' radio assignment logic and OWE availability

Grabbed a couple of the AP6Pro’s to test out.

Question on the auto radio functions. What logic is being used for the auto assignment for the radios? When does it decide to change channels/power? Only on power up/reboot? Or is there active mechanism like Aruba Instant On where it will actively review channel congestion and switch as needed (like their ARM implementation)?

Also, not seeing any specific documentation on OWE? Does the ‘open’ authentication use this in the background?


@carrottspc The auto-channel assignment is done at boot-time based on airtime usage, number of interferers, and strongest interferer. If a channel gets too congested for too long (or if there is a DFS radar event), the channel will automatically change to the next best candidate. We do plan on adding more intelligent automatic channel selection as well as site-wide channel-planning features in the future.

OWE is not supported quite yet, but is also planned in a future firmware release.

Thanks Jeff. Will there be configuration coming available that will allow to choose a grouping of channels for auto? For instance, if not wanting to allow DFS channel selection when set for auto. Aruba Instant On allows for this. I understand channel selection will be variable depending on width defined, but for the most part I’m using 20/40MHz width anyways.

Current setup at home allows me a variety of testing.

Main ‘prod’ wifi environment is Unifi 6 APs, only using DFS channels (all selected manually, power set manually on each AP).

For a testing environment, I have the Aruba Instant On APs set for only non-DFS channels, but auto channel selection from within the configuration, along with auto power selection. AIO does change channels & power on the fly depending on the demand from the devices & any interference they are encountering.

Curious to know if Alta is planning on such a configuration option in the future for channels/power.

So far so good on the testing, but they’ve only been up a couple of days. Getting a 3rd tomorrow to see if it also doesn’t move channels, as the current 2 only stick to 36.

@carrottspc Yes, you will be able to exclude certain channels from being used, if desired. I’m curious about which devices you are having issues with on DFS channels are, though.

No issues with devices using DFS. My main wireless network is only using DFS channels as there is not much activity locally on those DFS channels. My testing environments do not use them as I wanted to keep the airtime as little as possible on those DFS channels. I know exactly which DFS channels not use to use around me. My home is located in a direct landing flight path for local airport (18 miles as the crow flies) and there is no weather radar located around me.