Alta adoption in my home

Saw a few videos of the Alta AP being reviewed and I was very curious since my old Ubiquiti setup is like 6 years old with outdated cloud-key etc. I know I needed to do some changes I took a leap of faith and ordered one AP right away. It arrived the day after and I mounted it and everything was as expected. Nice packaging, easy adoption, a bit of mounting challenge but I think I got it secured. While installed I went right away to order my second one to get some coverage to the backyard. (had an Outdoor antenna with Ubiquiti servinge the clients while on the backyard, like lawn mower, netatmo temp sensors, cameras smart plugs, etc…).

My 2 AP6-Pros are up and running, Im just in the process to convince myself to get another couple to get max coverage indoor and also on the front yard just for fun! :wink:
Then I just have to wait to get the switches and routers in the future so I can help out the remaining neighbours on my street that I have helped installed, supported and also provided outdoor coverage using Ubiquiti tools in the past.

Sharing my two AP’s for now:

First AP up next to my loved ones…(which I obviously covered…)


@zid Thanks for sharing! Love seeing the install work! :heart_eyes:

Super clean install! Looks amazing