ALMOST....Historic Building Install

Hello All,

Sorry its been so long since I posted anything…been super crazy busy.

We have a customer that was in dire need of a network upgrade (coming from a UI install)
this customer is a Bar and own a (ALMOST) historic building in Downtown Comfort, TX. (The Cocky Rooster). The building is just outside of what would be classified as a Historic building, so we try/make the attempt to keep the building as “untouched” as possible. The customer also wanted as few wall penetrations as possible, so cable IS visible…

Full Disclosure, this is our local watering hole too…and it’s an awesome place.

They love the wireless and are waiting for the switch upgrade (will also be Alta once the switches are available for purchase).

Customer is VERY HAPPY and we are already quoting out more Alta Installs…just waiting on switches…(HINT HINT)… :wink:

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@Alta-Dallin see? I finally got it done!!! hahahahah :wink:

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Well done @Eric_Sigoloff! I know you’ve been very busy so thanks for taking the time to provide an update on the project. Those Alta APs are looking good at The Cocky Rooster :sunglasses:


well, thank you!

you know what else looks good at The Cocky Rooster? Scotch…Scotch looks good at the Rooster…heheheheh



Looks awesome! I’ll need to come check this place out :wink:


@Alta-MattH you really should…hehehehe