All devices connected to same AP?

Hi, just got setup today and all my points appear to be working however…. I have one issues.

It seems all my devices are connecting to one AP even though other AP are closer (like right next to the device) leaving my device on one bar as it is connect to the AP on other side of house

Any ideas?

Hi, are the APs on the same “color”? By default it’s up to the client device to choose which AP to connect to, and usually it’s based on signal strength to the APs.

Can you try disabling the one AP the clients are connected to and see if they reconnect to another AP?

And that’s where ‘Lock to AP’ comes in like Unifi provides as option. I want to buy three AP6’s (none pro) but in doubt yet because this option is missing here.

Is there a way to consider this to add soon on the Ap’s?

Welcome to the Alta community, @BliXem! I am not sure what the plans are in this regard, but I will check on that and follow up with you.

Hello @Alta-MikeD, thank you! Ordered 2 AP’s (Pro) and if everything will work perfectly, ordering 1 more with a switch.

Thanks that you will check. Much appreciated!

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+1 for this function!
I finally got to test out my 2 AP Pro’s, after connecting one I was blown away.
My previous setup was a Asus RT-AX86U with 3 Lyra AiMesh APs, only covering 1205sq ft over 2 floors (Steel armored concrete walls etc and I want optimal signal everywhere!).
Setting the AP up at dead center, but only mid air, not ceiling mounted y et and I disabled my Asus wifi, everything (except a few ESP32’s) went from high 60s-mid 70s in signal strength down to mid 40s …
Setting up the second one, brought my attention to this missing function, AP binding. This would be an awesome thing to add and definitely something that would be needed!

all AP’s are assigned the color black, if you want a device to connect to only a specific AP you can do this:

Go to the AP you want the device to connect to, Assign it an additional color like Blue. Then you can add a new SSID assigned to Blue and anyone connecting to that will join the AP you want.

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