Advanced TX Power Setup

Can we talk about the old topic “TX Power Setup” again?
Setup 5 GHz TX Power High results in 30 dBm EIRP.
Setup 5 GHz TX Power Medium results in 15 dBm EIRP.
I would like to have values in between use too.
Sometimes 20 … 27 dBm is a very reasonable value.
The solution would be a Custom Field or more values than just Auto, High, Medium, Low.
That would be my request.

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I wish I could double-upvote this! This is important.

Technically -27dBm is half the power of -30dBm :slight_smile: So “Medium” isn’t -15dBm … since the Decibal system is logarithmic

Medium is relative in this case … but what we want to know is real world experience…

jtv-weimar is using 30 and 15 because that is what our APs show us the power level is at High and Medium… is that not really what they are set to? It’s the same for me. High is so powerful and machines don’t want to roam… mediums is almost low enough that machine sometimes drop between the two APs.

@Alta-MattH that’s exactly why I would have liked to set 27 dBm as well. :wink:
I just don’t know how at the moment. Unifi had the custom field for it.

Firmware 1.1k is now available, which includes the option to set a custom TX power. Please remember to refresh the UI after updating.

Wonderful, thank you very much. Great team. Just successfully set an AP to 27 dBm.