Adoption on CGNAT networks

Today making some tests and the adoption of devices I notice that devices on different LAN networks show on the controller to adopt to anyone on the same public IP. The CGNAT scenarios are common in Latín America so i wonder if there is a way to adopt or show to adopt only the APs in the same LAN or layer 2 for the first time adoption to avoid possible miss adoptions or others?

@andres9591 To maximize ease of use and maximize potential for setting up quickly, as one of the first-time setup methods, we use the public IP address to match the portal with the physical devices.

We realize there are some corner-case scenarios where this may not be ideal, but those scenarios are relatively few, and we haven’t seen any issues with this in practice.

We’ve done a few things to address security concerns:

  1. The mobile app will have the ability to check the public key of the device via bluetooth to ensure that the device you are setting up is the one sitting in front of you.
  2. As with any unconfigured network device, it is important to associate and set it up as quickly as possible, which our many methods of configuration facilitate.
  3. Once a device is associated, it cannot be disassociated through a simple physical factory reset. It requires the original account owner to release it from their account. This assures that someone simply having physical access to your devices cannot repurpose it for themselves.

Hello Jeff! Thanks! Good information!