Adoption Issues

I’m having an issue where after I click Setup (whether it’s on the web or app) the A6 Pro shows disconnected indefinitely. No VPN’s or VLAN’s are used in my network. Factory reset doesn’t seem to fix the issue either. The AP shows a firmware of 1.0m.

Hi @JKlassen can you check your DHCP server to make sure your lease pool isn’t full, or that the device is getting an IP address?

I think I just figured it out. I run an ISP so I have the ability to change my public IP address at will and it seems like my newer IP block was getting blocked, once I set my home to a different IP from an older Public block the cloud was able to see my device. Would it be possible to see if my IP was actually blocked?

We might be able to look it up and see. Can you DM me the IP you suspect was being blocked?