Adding an access point is soo fast!

I wanted to share how nice of an experience it is working with Alta APs. I decided to add a third AP to my house this evening. I already had the cable run from prior installs… but the rest of the install took less than 10 minutes from peeling the tape off of the box, to people being joined to the AP. I plugged the AP in and snapped it onto the mount. I walked straight from there to the kitchen table less than 20 feet away, and the AP was already in my controller patiently waiting to be adopted! I adopted the AP and updated the firmware and was up and running in less than 5 minutes. Everything was smooth and easy. No fuss. Thank you for this hard work Alta.


Its like instant isn’t it :slight_smile: You know what else is fast, connecting to a SSID, as soon as you put the password in BAM its connected and working ( on the device )

What did you replace? What did you had before

Nice install!