Add notes field on other objects and settings

Love that the Settings > Wifi > SSID definition page has a notes field for a comment that then is able to show up in the grid of SSIDs as a column. Very handy for installers.

It would be great if you could add a notes field to Network objects (APs/Switches) and Devices objects (clients/stations) that could be optionally displayed in the respective grids as a column too. At the moment I’m just using the name field to add short description of stations.

As a bonus, if a general site-wide notes field was available in the Settings page that would be fantastic too.

  • Imagine an installer leaving contact info or notes for the end-user customer, or a tech leaving a warning about a troublesome device for the next tech that comes on site.
  • Double bonus points if that could be placed as an element on an overview dashboard page.
  • Triple bonus points if that input textbox would accept and render markdown:


I would prefer to have the notes field stored elsewhere rather than within a cloud controller.

I like the feature request as I would have uses for it, but having to go to a cloud instance to get this detail is not idea for any company that has onPremise requirements.

I am not a UniFi/Ubiquiti user. If I was I would be using a self hosted controller rather than a cloud key or using a “manage service provider” (MSP), I can see this being a useful feature.

In my field of work, Name/email address/phone numbers have to be secure. It would be great to have some type of audit report to share how the data is secure within Alta Lab’s cloud.

As I have enable the “Always On” feature, I have other solutions that manage the upload limits, download limits, filtering, DHCP, etc. The management UI is used for the initial deployment (or SSID settings).

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