Access points checking into alot

I assume this is for it checking if it’s online, ect. But It’s been thousands of times in the past couple days.


This is normal, to measure uptime, etc :slight_smile:

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The joys of Torch on Mikrotik

Yes, it’s every 30 seconds per device. This allows us to ensure real-time connectivity 100% of the time, if the device needs to switch to mesh, etc.

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I get that it’s normal, but over one hundred thousand times within a few days? Maybe it was a bug but I’ve since rebooted my Altas.


@NightHawk It should be about 2.9k per day, per device. I can’t see any way we’d possibly send more than that under normal circumstances, based on the enforced delays. I can DM you the location right in the code if you’re interested.


All good, I thought I’d ask and mention the odd uptick in request. I’ll ping you guys if it happens again.