Ability to set minimum RSSI

I’ll would like to see an option to set the minimum rssi.


Seconded, but maybe as an “advanced” feature. I’ve had too many clients tinker with this setting without fully grasping what it does and end up making their network worse.

I understand how this feature works, but I guess the use case is if you have a high density network and want to “kick” the clients if their signal drops (maybe walking around) and it attempts to find a better AP?

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Yeah for older devices that dont support the roaming standards it could be usefull when the device got kicked off the network.

In my current situation with a mixed enviroment the phones and laptops keeps connected to AP6-Pro with a signal of -86 and a troughput of 11mbit… while there is another Vendor-AP around them.
(Ordered some more AP6-Pro to replace the other vendor-aps)

In other situations where i leave the office and walk to my car, the signal in de doorway is great or moderated, but the moment i shut the door with tamperred glas the signal goes over to weak, the data rate drops and my streaming video or call starts buffering, i would like to be kicked so my phone can hop to 4G or the Wi-Fi of my car instead of keeping his connections with the AP6-Pro.

Or the other way around, i aproach the building, phone thinks, hey here i can join the Wi-Fi network but the signal is to weak and to slow to lets say open the door which is controlled by a smartlock.

so it would be nice if we can set a minium rssi whereby we can set a better permiteren on when devices are allowed to connect and when not based on the signal strength.

I do agree that it can be a double-edged sword. We prefer to let the AP (which has much better technology than older APs) handle this kind of thing, so I’d be curious if you tried the Alta APs and you saw any issues, then maybe we can investigate?

this is a tough one. too many clients that aren’t great roamers and having a min rssi setting doesn’t necessary convince them to connect to another AP. It can make it look a lot like a deauth attack because they can just keep trying to get on the same AP. Brother MFC printers are a good example of this.

I have a lot better luck turning the power level down on the AP than relying on this but there are places for it as Michel.feld highlights above.

What might be interesting is a more pro-active ‘attack’. don’t boot on RSSI unless it drops like a rock.

This would be a needed feature for those small cases.

I’m currently having. The issue where the devices are not switching AP even if standing underneath the other.
I’ve tried lowering the power, but what ends up happening is they lose WiFi for about 20-30 seconds until it connects to the other. This is occurring on iPhones and iPads.

Now, if we can set the rssi, this would help force them switch a bit quicker.

Our current floor plan is like an L shape, so the access point is still within range due to this design, lowering the power it cause disconnect in between the AP after they lose site/signal.

You can already do that with the power user settings. I know not optimal, but it works. Look into the hostapd config options on google and most of them work. Just be careful and test them one at a time. Not all will work and when hostapd sees something it doesn’t expect, it will crash and take down your WiFi.

"hostapd": "
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