Ability to remote reboot APs

I would love the ability to remotely reboot the APs from either manage.alta.inc or the phone app. Manual reboot would be more helpful to me than scheduled… but perhaps there are folks that would like scheduled as well?


I’d be happy with both. Nothing like the good old reliable “have you tried turning it off and on again?”

Working with another vendor who has built scheduled reboots into their platform because they know it works to resolve minor bugs :wink:


We hope our product doesn’t require regularly scheduled reboots like our old Linksys routers :wink:
(We’d rather fix any issues that may arise :wink: )

We might add a remote reboot option from the GUI, but you can still SSH in for now if you need to reboot an AP.


I would highly suggest the ability to reboot access points - I haven’t needed this yet which is great, therefore haven’t noticed the missing feature… but this seems so basic and after looking, I’m surprised there isn’t a reboot or restart AP option. AP’s deployed in my local domain at the moment, so not an issue, however, if these were to be installed remotely for clients the inability to reboot them away from the site would deter me from using Alta APs for installs however I do appreciate you’d rather attack problems at the source, tech is tech and I can’t count the number of times the old off and on again has helped out - for remote equipment and even on-site.

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Expecting things to never need a reboot and not having the option altogether are two different levels of dangerous. You never know when a bug might arise and the feature may be needed.

ive noticed remote reboot of device seems to show itsself only during upgrades