Ability to adjust the intensity of the LEDs?

Would it be possible for you guys to add a feature to adjust the brightness of the LEDs on the access points? I’d love to be able to leave the LED on, but turn the brightness down.
Same could probably go for switches, but I don’t own any of them. :slight_smile:

We’re definitely working on turning down the brightness of the LEDs of the switches. :sunglasses:

The community will have to chime in on the desire for the AP brightness. We’ll see how to votes fall.

We also need the SFP Link Lights to work too !! @Alta-Matt_v2

Is it possible with the current hardware to have brightness control or turn them on and off via the interface? Would be nice to be able to disable them when not needed.

Hey @Techout, currently you can change the LED color and turn it off under settings > LED


Referring to switch port LEDs not the logo LED.