A little bit of feed back mounting bracket

mounting bracketon one of my back boxes seems like im unable to properly secure this device on to my back box here in the uk seems like it was going to slide off and is able too

heres the pictures to show this this was not mounted properly as was not screwed down fully

ap6 position is not correctly right on this mount the holes used needs to be a little bit higher

will slide bend in

the previous mounted ap in wall guess the brand of aps i have

if the alta team could reach out to me regarding the mounting on back boxes that would be great

the points are in the right place but needs to be moved up a little bit as its not going to sit flush tightening the mount to back box also bends it too i like a tight fit

I would chime in as well. Honestly the bracket is… challenging. If these are to be mounted anywhere but a completely flat surface, it is quite cumbersome.

If I had to pick, I would say Grandstream has by far the easiest mounting system for APs at the time of writing this.

@regchan Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Just to clarify, I see the bottom of our bracket resting on the box when the screws are resting against the top part of the radius/hole.

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Is that not sufficient enough support? We still need to extend these openings a bit? If so, how much further down would you like to see that bracket on this mount?


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@rutman286 Thanks for sharing! Would you mind providing some example of other surfaces you have tried installing them on? We would like to see how we can make installing on those surfaces better.


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Sure thing! I don’t have pictures to hand, but I can get those soon enough. As an immediate example, the ceilings in my parent’s house would be nearly impossible to use the current mount on. They are heavily textured “popcorn” style ceilings from the 90s that were actually textured with stucco.
I really like how low profile your mount is for aesthetics, but it makes installation quite difficult on anything but a perfectly smooth wall or ceiling.

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hope this helps ive drawn over my bracket roughly the exact spot i require it to be might as well extend the top down further the red is to be added the cross was as best as i can get it just raise it to the cross to be a good fit

my ceiling image was a dotted bumpy ceiling not smooth at all but still mounted the thing to wall thats why extra screws required

@regchan thanks for the feedback. Can you share what wall plate model number this is? We can discuss internally and get back to you…

this wall bracket was off the unifi ap inwall unifi ac inwall to be exact uap-ac-iw

the wall outlet socket backbox was schneider electric BS 5733

i hope this gets to you please let me know you have seen this and pass it on to the team

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@regchan Got it! Our team is reviewing!