A few features hoping to see in the near future

Just so you see the rest and will hopefully be easier for the team to implement.

  1. When you go to “Devices” and click the left icon to edit settings, after you finish and just click another device icon they stack up instead of reusing the small window. After a few it can be a clutter of X to click to close them all down.
  2. We need an option to backup the configuration of the AP (and therefore restore). A bit basic and needed for any networking equipment.
  3. Should have an option to power cycle/reboot the AP from the management environment. Right now you have to log into another device (switch) to disable/enable PoE if you use that, or physically go to the AP if using a power adapter. Not the most convenient for larger environments.
  4. When browsing the many pages of devices there should be an option to pick how many display per page and when you get to the last page “Next” should disappear or be greyed out so you don’t think there are more.
  5. Also in the list of devices you cannot adjust the view of each column to see longer names (sure you can hover, but takes a bit for that to pop up if you want to look at a few).
  6. Need help information on hover over for icons such as the circled X (block), trash can (trash/remove), double circle arrow (not sure if refresh displayed info or refresh device registration with AP, etc).
  7. Last one (for now in my first four hours with this AP) when logged into the management page some browsers show the row of “Dashboard, Network, Devices, Settings” on the top and some show on the bottom of the page. Not sure if that is by design or browser glitches. Definitely should be uniform across experiences.

Thanks so much for the help with the other bug. Look forward to seeing where things go with this AP (already want a replacement switch from Alta to drop all the UBNT equipment and misc. Netgear products).

Awesome feedback @howie !

Apologies if I misunderstood your use case here @howie but you can at least restart a AP or switch from the management console by going to network->click on device>Settings>press shift and the reboot option appears

IMO, features like reboot device shouldn’t be hidden behind a keypress that many may be unaware of.