8 Port Switch, More PoE, Less Led Brightness

The 8 port switch is slightly disappointing only having 4 ports being PoE. Being more than just your run of the mill system, this should have each port being PoE
Unifi has a similar switch for about the same price point with all 8 points being PoE.

The leds are extra bright and would appreciate them being toned down a bit. On the bright side, helps me find my way in the basement without a light.

Thanks for the feedback!

As for the LEDs, unfortunately we cannot control the brightness, but you can turn them off if desired. HERE is another topic on the issue.

@donsandro Which Unifi switch are you referring to?

Hi @Alta-Jeff,

US-8-150W (130W)

Thought so… just wanted to confirm.

Interestingly I considered the Alta 8 port switch as a USW-Lite-8-POE equivalent - a little pricier than the USW but it has a multi colour LED (although agree it’s bright) if that’s of any use.

It lights up my understairs cupboard which is handy to a certain extent. White seems to be by far the brightest.

Hi @Alta-MikeD
Turned off the LEDs yesterday and noticed that the PoE LEDs stay on.
Is that something that we should be able to also disable?

@donsandro We are working on being able to disable those as well, but do not have an ETA currently.

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+1 on more POE ports for 8 port router. I would’ve loved to pick one up along with my AP6-Pro but I needed more POE ports so ended up with a TP-Link.

Welcome @Antimatter :slight_smile: