8 Port LEDs enable/disable

I disabled the port LEDs then attempted to re-enable. The LEDs remained off whether they’re set to enable or default. The only solution was a hard reset but the problem remains with the web based controller.

On a separate note I attempted to reset the switch following the instructions but could not get it to do so.

Thanks for the report about the LED lights. I was able to reproduce it and will put it on the devs’ radar.

As for resetting, which instructions were you following and what method ended up working for you? I want to review the instructions to make sure everything’s accurate.

I thought the instructions may have been a bit vague as they stated a reset would occur with a blinking LED. I assumed it meant the RGB LED. I made several attempts but it never began to blink so I was unable to reset. I ended up pulling the plug and the port LEDs came back.

Ok. Yes, after further testing we’re finding that the change is reflected after a reboot of the switch. We’ve also tested the S16 and S24 which do not exhibit the same behavior.

I’ve already logged the ticket and we should be able to fix that in short order.