2nd AP6 pro Dead

I have 8 Ap6 Pro and 5 8port switches from AltaLabs.
All are a couple months old purchased in phases.

Month or so ago one AP6pro unit died. It was promptly replaced by the distributor.
Now, another one has died.
(yes i have gone through the forum and have tried all attempts to review it)

I am a bit worried about the failure rate. Have previously used the same Aruba APs for 10+ years without any hiccups. They just worked. I still have them… pulled them out and replaced the entire network at my office with Alta.
Now I am wondering if i did the right thing.

yikes i’ve had 2 die on me as well…both indoors…waiting for the outdoor ones to arrive because i’m not convinced these pros will last outside.

@Pahila @sysman923 Thanks for raising your concerns! I would like to get more information on both of your failures. I will send you both a direct message to collect RMA #s, purchase info, etc.

You can both rest assured we stand behind our products and their build quality. That is why we offer a standard 2 year warranty. We will be sure to get your replacement units on their way ASAP.


now it has hit me too. I also have an AP-pro that no longer works.

Same thing happens here. I ordered the lunch pack (two AP6 Pro and one S8 Switch) in last Oct. Now one AP is dead and not power on. How should I submit a request to get replacement or refund?

@the @GarryH You should have had someone reach out to you to help take care of you. Let us know if you have any other issues!

Hey @Alta-Jeff , same issue here with an AP6 Pro. What’s the replacement process?

@JP123 Someone should reach out to you soon.

If anyone else is having any issues whatsoever, our awesome support team is available here to take care of you: Alta Labs Contact us