2.5gbe/5gbe ethernet port please

I think the ethernet port needs to be atleast 2.5gbe/5gbe not 1gbe. that is a real bottleneck on such a powerful device that has throughput of 6gb.
Otherwise have dual 1gbe ports for port aggregation.

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@Wirepower Well someone could argue that for a LAN with 802.11ax capabilities and a single AP, it is not necessary to use 2.5/5GBE, as a GB ethernet port can cover internet request usage in most cases.

But, I definitely agree that in corporate environments with LACPs or interfaces with faster speeds than 2.5GB and no wifi ax capabilities in servers or single AP coverage for all the devices and servers, 1GB interface is not so useful for LAN network design.

We will consider it in the future, but the 1Gbps interface (full-duplex) should be adequate for most installations now, and removes some of the compatibility issues of introducing 2.5Gbps Ethernet ports that might occur.

I just want to point out that the 1G port kinda ruins a section of the promo material. 6.3Gbps combined WiFi Capacity on 4096 QAM is meaningless on a 1G port outside of some special case of a file server being connected to wifi or something unconscionable like that.

Dual 1G ports with LACP, 2.5/5/10G copper, or SFP+ would all be acceptable options here.

This could be a dealbreaker on a couple projects I’m working on honestly.

As with many things, we’re selling a speed test and I can demonstrate multi-gigs on some other hardware in the demo regardless of real-world use not really exceeding 1G.

I appreciate the existing units but there should be a model with faster ports in the lineup.

I’d like to see a AP with 2.5G in the future.