2.0i Another Sonos(?) issue

I have just noticed that my Sonos speaker is no longer accessible again (Spotify Connect and Airplay).
It is shown as connected in the Alta portal. Unfortunately, a ping from my laptop (WiFi) does not reach the speaker. If I connect to an Alta access point via ssh and ping from there, the Sonos speaker responds.

The Sonos speaker and my laptop are on the same SSID and VLAN.
This time it seems to be a different problem. So rather not a discovery issue


I activated the bypass filter option on the sonos devices. A few seconds later, the speaker was available again… Set it back to default. The speaker is still available.

Any idea what could have caused this?


Again not available.

I took the change to simplify my network setup a bit.

Now there is only a main vlan, guest vlan and an IoT vlan for a few devices (smart bulbs, vacuum robot, etc.)

The main VLAN now contains switches (aruba), access points (alta labs), all main devices + Sonos and Google devices. Everything is currently working.


It’s getting really annoying. I was just about to write that the simplified network setup works very well. Even the Elgato Keylight is now always accessible. Of course, the bottom line is that multiple VLANs are still poorly supported. The same network setup worked very well for about 1.5 years with the Aruba access points.

But now all of a sudden I can’t print anymore. (Canon Pixma airprint)… The discovery even seems to work, at least the printer is displayed, but I can’t print…

I don’t really know… I think I’ll switch back to the Aruba access points. The Alta APs don’t really seem to be ready for production yet. At least not when used in a network with VLANs.

Sorry to hear! Yes, it does mostly work… But when it doesn’t… (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I’m also using multiple VLANs at home and have noticed an issue twice with my Sonos gear so far, roughly around the 4 day mark each time.

And by the time I get to a computer to actually investigate, it seems to have self-resolved… I know to move quicker next time. I’m just waiting until it happens again to hopefully catch it, but I agree… something is still awry. I just can’t place it at this moment. I wish I had data, reliable steps to reproduce, or setting(s) to try and improve performance, but for now it’s just an anecdotal comments…

I’ll follow up here once I know more/have more to share, but I mostly wanted to say I think I’m seeing something similar here.

I am testing my Sonos again now on Alta so have to see.

Even in latest firmware a Playbase with two One satellite’s seem to lose connection but they are of course creating their own local mesh so perhaps that is the main problem I am seeing.

Single SSID with like 8 devices could not be more simple.