10gig switch support?

Hi Alta,

I saw somewhere in the forum late August / Early September will be the release for your switches, but will they support 10gig?

I will be moving home soon and by the time you release the switches it’ll be a great investment to purchase these along with the hotspot and hopefully a controller, i’m not a fan of cloud.

I’ll email you as well regarding this


I am really interested in 10Gb as well. I am currently running Mikrotik routing and switching, with 10Gb uplinks. I am really hoping for Alta 10Gb SFP+ support, as well as multi-gig POE++ switching options.

Very nice! future proof setup you’ll have
Ya, hope they deliver before christmas :raised_hands:

@10gig Thanks for the inquiry! Love the handle by the way. @rutman286 Hopefully this makes you happy too.

Our 24 port switch will include two SFP+ ports.

As far as all remaining ports on all switch models, we are launching with 1 Gbps. Trying to balance performance and power here right at launch, so we can best disrupt the marketplace. We absolutely have our eye on multi-gig switches and POE++, however. Love to hear current use cases on both of these features, when you get a moment.

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Is 2.5gbe possible on the regular ports with a firmware update?