Wireless Devices - Questions

Hi Everyone and Alta Folks!

Coming from a Cisco, Meraki, TPlink, Ubiquiti, and misc consumer gear background, I am interested in the following:

  • Is there a licensing/subscription path for your APs like Cisco Products or none like TPlink and Ubiquiti?
  • Is there an online cloud controller or something I could host like Ubiquiti’s?
  • I assume there is ease of guest isolation and throttling?
  • Is there a captive portal and is it able to collect emails for internet access for X period of time?

Thanka for your help and time as I greatly appreciate it!


Hey @SonNgo!

  • The cloud platform is completely free with the current feature set, and will always be free, but we may add some advanced optional features (for those that want them) in the future that might add a small cost (but will still be cost-effective) – Stay Tuned :slight_smile:.
  • As mentioned above there is an online cloud platform, currently not anything self-hosted, but not out of the question for the future.
  • Yeah guest-isolation is pretty simple, there’s an “internet only” option and you can throttle devices if you want to
  • For captive portal, just curious – what do you use for captive portal services now? We do have captive portal support, but wanted to learn more about what you’re currently doing…

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:


We create and host custom portals for Ubiquit using the API… hoping to do the same here…

Grandstream we use the built in or their cloud controller – they have way more functional hotspot configurations possible than UI using built in hotspot software.

@Willie_Howe we’re pretty flexible so maybe create a new post with ideas you have and we’ll discuss those in their own thread? If you have ideas :slight_smile:

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@Willie_Howe This sounds great! Our goal with the Alta Labs management platform is to have a well defined and documented API that you can leverage to accomplish things like custom portals, various controls, etc.

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The API for ALTA LABS is coming soon. We are also waiting on this to integrate it on our systems etc.