Winnix C545 air cleaners regularly fully disconnecting and reconnecting - firmware 2.0e

I am not sure what specifics I can provide on this one, but I have tested enough with other APs to know it is Alta AP specific. My Winnix C545 air cleaners are still regularly fully disconnecting and reconnecting. I have attached a firewall log screenshot to show how they are even getting DHCP re-assignments every time this happens. You can also see from the timestamps that it is not constant. Anyone have ideas on this one? It’s not a show stopper short term, but it is definitely something to look into. I also attached SSID setup screenshots.

Looking very closely today, I think they are actually roaming between APs… albeit in a very clunky manor.

@rutman286 If you can get a wireless capture from Wireless Diagnostics on your Mac on the channel that the device is disconnecting on, that would be very helpful.

Do you need the wireless capture to be done WHILE they are disconnecting? That might take me a while because sometimes they don’t do it for an hour.

Yes, we’ll need to catch it in the act of disconnecting and reconnecting.