Wifi goes away After Settings change

Hello, if I change something in the cloud (hostname or VLAN settings) then my WiFi goes away for a short time. looks like it’s rebooting. I tried this twice today. on the browser on the PC or on the cell phone. same problem. As soon as I change something and save it, my WiFi is gone for a few seconds. The devices then disappear under devices and then appear again. does anyone else have this problem?

Can you be more specific in the exact setting that you are changing? What indication do you have that anything is rebooting? Are you on the latest firmware version, 2.0j?


I’ve not really noticed this issue. Most changes I seem to make with any AP6 settings seem to go unnoticed and certainly dont make the AP reboot. Something doesn’t sound quite right there.

Hello, oakserver
alta jeff looks at the problem, I have the following problem. As soon as I change the VLAN ID of a client, all clients reconnect to the WiFi. It’s not a big problem at the moment because I make these changes when no one needs the WiFi.

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