Things to think about for Routers

I know you guys are a ways off for your Router/Firewall line but wanted to throw a couple of things out there to consider from a feature standpoint.

  • IDP/IPS - This is a bread and butter one here
  • PiHole/Adguard/NextDNS/Suricata/Snort type blockers - Ability to implement these or run as containers on the appliance. Even just your own version of this with the ability to fine tune it would be great.
  • Site to Site VPN - A good way to connect clients between sites like Wireguard or other implementation for click/connect type VPN support. IE: Unifi Site Magic or CradlePoint Auto-VPN
  • Travel Router - It’s a given that you’ll have Rack Mount devices, probably of different tiers/size. I’d urge you to also consider a small form factor travel friendly device that can provide a small bubble of WiFi/Wired networks. This could then be used to connect via wired WAN or via WiFi-as-WAN. It would need to be capable of connecting to hotel WiFi’s that can handle the challenge page access most have now. Think something like GLI.Net devices, or a Firewalla Purple.