Thanks to Dallin for the presentation today

Just a quick note to say thanks to Dallin for presenting today in Cork, Ireland.

We got great insight into the forward plans and vision of Alta Labs and saw a little bit of what makes them tick!

Enjoy Denmark!



Where was my invite?? :smiley:


Lost in the postal system? :grin:

Thanks Dallin, we massively appreciate you coming over to Cork today, and Dublin tomorrow to show our customers the fantastic features of the AP6 and AP6 PRO and Alta cloud platform overview.

Feedback so far from customers who attended the KD Electronics Cork Alta launch day has been great.


Thanks @CompuWhizz and @Ian_James! Really enjoyed spending time with everyone today in Cork and looking forward to meeting more KD Electronic customers in Dublin tomorrow! @CompuWhizz keep us posted and let us know your thoughts once you’ve had a chance to test out Alta yourself. Looking forward to seeing some of your future projects :grinning:

@Alta-MattH we need to start planning a big Alta conference in Ireland for the near future and get the rest of the team out here as well! :four_leaf_clover:


I am the most Irish of the team :wink:

@Alta-MattH Bet

Have a safe rest of the trip and mind those Dubs, they can be hard to understand!!!
Comes from the envy of not being from Cork & Munster! :rofl:

I have a project in mind that I didn’t speak about yesterday but if it comes off it will defo be documented and posted here!!!

Just need to get the proposal in and approved.

:shamrock: Think this the one you were aiming for Dallin! :smiley: