Switch adoption

Hey all,

For those who have switches have you had issues getting it into your controller? I have mine connected and cant see it. Also downloaded the mobile app but still not working

Good morning sir. I did not have issues using an iPhone and the Alta app. I am on the most current TestFlight app version, which is 1.2.0. I plugged my trunk port in port 8 on my 8 port POE switch.

It took about 3 minutes from boot up for the switch to show up (it used bluetooth) in the app for adoption. Keep in mid though that for the moment, once the switch is adopted, it show up in the iOS app as an access point.

Also, welcome to the community! I think you will be very pleased with the responsiveness and helpfulness of the Alta team in this community. They have been amazing to work with.

Interesting. Ya it shows as an AP in my app , will connect and then drop without pushing it to the controller

That is strange…I know is it super annoying, but I would try a reset button style factory reset and try it one more time. Is this an 8 port or one of the larger switches?

Is it possible that, for some reason, it is not getting a good DHCP address? Is it possible it is not getting good internet access on the VLAN you are adopting it on?

I know you are a fellow IT nerd, so don’t take any of these suggestions as an assumption of knowledge! I’m just throwing out ides that might help you think of something.

Can you post a screenshot? Mine shows the correct icon:

Hi Matt, there might have been some miscommunication there. It is all correct on manage.alta.inc. I was saying it is not correct in the iOS app. Did you still want a screenshot of that?