S8 POE Switch - keeps sending offline messages

I get around 6 - 7 messages a day saying my S8 POE switch is offline, this seems to have happended after upgrading to 2.1d firmware some weeks back.

I am not getting these messages from my 4 APs - one of which is connected to this switch and I am not seeing any other issues on the network but it would be good to get to the bottom of this rather than just delete the e-mails several times a day which has been my approach so far.

It is likely that whatever is or isn’t happening is at least partially caught in the device syslog. The log is stored on device at /var/log/messages (the files rotate, so messages, messages.0, messages.1 could be options). The logs should show what is or isn’t happening at the time of issue.

Finding the time of issue in the logs requires a little bit of calculation. By default disconnect emails are sent out 60 seconds after the device is disconnected. The logs themselves are in UTC, which means adjusting for your timezone.

The logs can be accessed via shell or retrieved via scp. Shell access requires either setting up SSH keys, or using the web terminal (shift+click on the text name of the device on Network). To simply view the logs you could issue: cat /var/log/messages.

Scp is a one line command you would run from terminal/command prompt on your computer (scp also requires an SSH key to be configured). Something like the following would connect and download the main messages file to the Downloads directory of the current user:

scp root@ip.of.alta.device:/var/log/messages ~/Downloads

Happy to help review the logs, please feel free to reach out here or via DM. And please let me know if I need to better describe anything.

Cheers Mike - I think I might have found the issue but will confirm later.