RE: 1.1c Firmware Release

Upgraded by hand this afternoon. Looking good so far.

*Thank you so much for adding the ability to reboot! You definitely added it in your own style… I like it :slight_smile:
*I don’t have any MESH APs, but I will isolate one and see how those new features work.
*Thank you so much for letting us at least hold off on automatic firmware updates! Now if we can just work toward a firmware rollback procedure in case of emergencies, we’ll be good to go firmware wise.

*Speed tests and roaming while on a VOIP calls are all still good after update.
*Multicast and Airprint devices are all still working and happy.

v1.1c Release Notes

  • Add ability to disable mesh per-access-point.
  • Display AP mesh link information.
  • Add ability to reboot devices (hit shift on Device Window, then hit Reboot).
  • Add ability to disable automatic upgrade on a site basis.
  • Stability improvements.

Thanks for the feedback @rutman286!

I have a few firmware release schedule question/comments…

I understand that firmware updates will be pushed ASAP right now when more and more people onboard their devices and you get better feedback from the deployments. (by the way you guys are always on-top of things, really appreciated).

I suppose people are also deploying these APs in production environments (even tough they might be small right now) and how are you guys planning to release firmware updates moving forward when you have a stable baseline?

If just adding a few small features I guess these can be merged into a larger update perhaps every Monday, bi-weekly, monthly etc…but for security related updates I understand those might/should be pushed right away.

And @Alta-MattH , are you the only one working on these firmware updates, web-portal and iOS app? I hope you are part of a team so there is no single-point-of-failure if you are on vacation, sick etc and also to review code if needed before its pushed to 100.000+ of APs in the future? :wink:

Keep up the good work! (I’m about to order some new ones…)

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Hi @zid I’m not the only one :wink: I was on vacation last week and we survived :slight_smile:
We have a few teams working on the products, and there are a few on my team to interface with the customers.

We recently added the option to disable automatic firmware updates, and we may consider adding to that functionality in the future.

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By the way thanks for the positive feedback!

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No worries, Im so glad I stumbled upon this since I was in the process of replacing my old Ubiquiti setup. Can’t wait to get my hands on some switches and hopefully a firewall/router down the road.

Once all components (APs, Switches, Firewalls etc) is integrated into the same portal (web, app); I believe you will see a tremendous migration from other brands.