PSA on the mounting brackets... I almost gave up until I tried this!

I have a helpful hint on the mounting brackets. I was reinstalling my AP6-Pros this evening and absolutely could NOT get these suckers to click in. I was so discouraged I almost gave up and left them down… then my 11 year old came to the rescue! “Daddy, maybe the plastic pieces just don’t like sliding together?”… GENIUS! I put the tiniest bit of dove liquid soap on my finger, and smeared it on the corners of the tabs. I’m using this already fantastic picture from @SonNgo to show where I am talking about. I hope you don’t mind @SonNgo! I’m not taking credit for the picture. The brackets almost fall into place once I did this. You just need the tiniest amount to make a massive difference. Give it a try next time you mount some of these suckers and let me know if it helped you too.


Thanks for the feedback! And thanks @SonNgo for the feedback. We will look into seeing what we can do to make it a tinier bit easier in future production runs :slight_smile:

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That makes total sense. I think the plastic needs to be shaved down by a couple hundredths of an inch. It’s one of those it’s almost made too well. Needs to be a little more “sloppy”.

Glad I’m not the only one.

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My access point is temporarily on a cabinet. I will figure out how the bracket works before I get on a ladder.

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I haven’t tried yet but will the bracket screw where a wallplate would go? Are any holes spaced that way?

They sure do. I have actually seen Matt attaching them that way :grinning:

I’ve got a blank plate next to my wall jack i think ill mount there to avoid extra holes.

Oof, I assumed that was a defect from the molding process and just snipped it with sidecutters.

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