Org option when creating sites

I’m interested in having an organization feature to better structure site management. With customers having multiple sites, relying solely on a list of sites is leading to clutter in the site manager. For instance, it would be beneficial to create organizations and then assign sites to those organizations for clearer organization.


More like a tree structure?

________|— ORG — |
_____________________| — Site 1
_____________________| — Site 2

correct or something similar.

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This would be a nice feature, I have a customer that has one HQ and 12 sub locations, and we manage their network alongside on-prem IT admin. Makes sense to me :smiley:

We will discuss internally and get back to you :slight_smile:


would be awesome for this to include inherited administrative user privileges at the org level as well, and disable any ability to have SSIDs shared across sites. Basically a level above the existing structure, not in between.

Could even be a paid feature if you’re looking to monetize the cloud version.

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Just curious… can you guys describe how you’d use this differently than our currently implemented functionality of the Site-Manager?

I operate at the Provider level, have organizations I manage, with individual sites. Those organizations have multiple administrators.