Missing devices in app / web browser

I have noticed that some of my devices are missing in the management browser, I thought this might be due to the switch being new but even after a reboot and being online for 12 hours my Mac Studio still isn’t showing despite being plugged directly into the S8 switch?

Additionally I do not see any IP addresses for those other items plugged in, I only see IP addresses for those which are connected via WiFi…I assume this is normal but would be good if we could see this information.

Hmm, I think that all client devices should show, but currently they would not have an IP. I can confirm that we plan to add support to show the IP for wired client devices.

That said, it’s possible that both are related, and once that support is added it’ll fix/render missing client devices… I’m going to check on this, and follow up with you.

@Alta-MikeD Any update on which switch firmware is going to bring us IPs of devices connected via Ethernet? Time frame etc?