Local Controller Questions

@Alta-Chase what is the best way to stay in touch regarding the local controller testing? It seems like notifications do not play friendly for DMs on here or Discord.

Same Question here - have some feedback I want to share.

Are you on the discord channel by chance? Chase asked me to go over there and post.

Thanks @rutman286

@user19 We are using Discord to capture and address feedback on Control. Please let us know if that doesn’t work for you and we can find an alternative.

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Hey Chase, what is the URL to the discord channel/group?

@Jorge Replied via DM.

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Thank you, just saw it :slight_smile:

I would like a link if possible.

Has anyone attempted to move the docker controller from one host to another host and preserve the existing data?

Within the instructions to run the docker image, the data stored outside is only a small directory “/sys/fs/cgroup/access.scope”

The reason why I am asking is due to a transition of the docker server from a virtual host to a physical host (a dedicated bare-metal machine). I wanted to make sure this controller is running 24/7 (even during maintenance of the whole virtual host cluster).