Introducing -- New User Interface!

Hi guys!
We’re proud to announce the brand new user interface at:

Please check it out, and give us all your feedback. It’s not 100% complete yet, but hopefully you can help us make it perfect…


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Hi Matt,

Good to see the new User Interface, big improvement. I really like the colours and the design. Some feedback from my side.

  1. Rename Devices to Clients? When I see Devices, I am thinking about the Alta managed devices, not about the clients connected to the network.
  2. The GUI is not consistent. In Network and Devices pages, the information panel is algined in the center. In the Settings page, it is aligned to the left. Also the WiFi tab is 100% width, System/User/Filter is only 608px width.



Hi @Krijn_Tanis welcome and thanks for posting :slight_smile:
I agree with your feedback and we’ll discuss with the team …

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I really like this interface… just wish I had some devices to join to it. :wink:

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Liking the new look and feel now its rolled out. Main thing I’ve noticed is with regards to the drag and drop of the “cards”. Drag target looks to be the header DIV of the card. I notice that in safari on OSX the card very fluidly follows the cursor so you can move it around really easily and quickly.

In chrome/edgium/brave and firefox on OSX or windows, the card lags a bit as it follows the cursor. If your cursor leaves the boundaries of the header div it stops dragging and starts selecting the page text. You can really notice this if you try to drag vertically at much more than a crawl as its much easier for the cursor to leave the bounds sooner. If you drag the card super slowly, everything works.

Can you edit the drag JS so that it doesn’t drop the card when you mouse leaves the boundaries of the header as long as the left mouse button is still held down?

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Looks great !!!

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Welcome @egoitz ! If you have any ideas or feedback create a new thread and we can all take a look :slight_smile:

Thanks for this feedback! We can replicate this on our side. We have an internal case open and will work to resolve this ASAP.


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