How can I enable the UNII-2 band


I’m test driving my first Atera AP. I’m living in Belgium and we’re allowed to use the UNII-2 and the UNII-2 Extended band.

When I want to select the channel manually, I only see the channels listed of the UNII-1 band and the UNII-3 band.

The timezone is set to Europe // Brussels.

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@DeWifiExpert The full UNII-2 band should be available. I’ll DM you to take a look on your specific site.

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@Alta-Jeff I think I have the same issue.

@sequoia Can you please ensure that you have updated to the latest firmware version?

@Alta-Jeff Yes, I have v1.1f.

@sequoia Would you mind sharing what country you are located in?

@Alta-Chase Yes, I’m in Greece.

@sequoia Are you still seeing the same issue here?

@Alta-Chase Hello, sorry for the late response. No, now I can see all the DFS channels. By my side, the only thing I did was to have the AP powered off for the weekend and today I have turned it on.

Thanks for the update!

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@sequoia Yes, thank you for the update! They should have been available right out of the gate. Glad they are showing up now. Please let us know if you have any other feedback!

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