Firmware Downgrade

Please can we have a way to downgrade APs given some of the issues some of us are seeing with 2.0e and Airplay / Airprint please, my family are losing patience with Homepods not showing up all the time and Airprint being hit and miss.


I don’t like being a pain but it would be good to understand if this is something being considered please?

At the present time, we can assist by downgrading devices on an as-needed basis. You would have to invite one of us to your site to perform the downgrade, then you can remove us after (or we can self-remove ourselves, depending on your preference).

I can’t comment whether that will change down the road. That sounds like something that would be a great feature request, as visible votes on something like that may drive change.

I’m happy to help here, please just let me know.

That sounds great i will add you to the site

+1 for the ability to downgrade, or choose a previous firmware which would be great.
I suppose this would then defeat the simplicity I suppose Alta Labs are trying to achieve.

My biggest concern is that a firmware release breaks something and we are unable to revert to a previous firmware. We are then at the mercy of Alta Labs to fix it and release a new firmware rapidly. I was hoping that there wouldn’t be a need to revert firmware but that’s not the currently the case.

We need to take this over to the features request and get everyone to vote on it so they think enough of us actually want it.